Why So Many Brides Choose Blue

Do you know why so many brides choose blue for their bridesmaids dresses? Here are some of the favorite responses:



“My inspiration was the ocean, which is why we had the ceremony right near the beach in Monterey. I chose a blue paletter for my bridesmaids to continue with the theme of the ocean, beach and waves.”



“My theme for the wedding was jewel tones. Bright saturated blues, purples and pinks. The electric blue bridesmaid dresses gave richness and vibrancy to the look. My mother in law made beautiful pink and purple bouqets for the table and tiaras for the flower girls.

short blue bridesmaid dresses

short blue bridesmaid dresses

“We knew we wanted to do an outside wedding, because one of our favorite things about California is just how much natural beauty there is. To help us plan the wedding, we used Pinterest. We both pinned up things we liked and invited our families to do the same. It also turned out to be super useful because we could share our inspirations with all of the vendors we met. (http://pinterest.com/ben/so-it-turns-out-i-m-going-to-get-married/). We did not really have a color scheme at first and then realized after pinning several images that infact we did like certain colors – yellow, orange, greys etc.”



…….Do you have any other perfect reasons about why to choose a blue bridesmaid dress? Free feel to tell me in the comments.

By the way, there are many brides choose blue dresses in different styles, one color – different styles, this is very popular now, I think it’s a great idea make your wedding specially.


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