A New Trend Catches Your Eyes

Are you tied of choosing a suitable prom dress from your wardrobe? Have you stand before the mirror but feel disappointed with the dress in your hand? Even your wardrobe turns against you? Why not put them away and enjoy the fun of new trend, there is one color that you should not miss, that is candy color.When talking about candy, what is your impression? Cute and sweet, yes, you got it, but one thing you might ignored: the color. Unlike ordinary colors, candy color is bright and noticeable.

Candy color dresses is very popular today, but how to choose a suitable candy prom dress style needs skills and experiences. To excel other girls and stand out naturally, you need to do some homework.

A-line V-neck Rhinestone Sleeveless Floor-length Chiffon Long Prom Dresses(LFD0996)

A-line V-neck Rhinestone Sleeveless Floor-length Chiffon Long Prom Dresses(LFD0996)

Know what color would match your complexion. One is easy to tell the color of the eyes, but feel hard to be very sure of the skin color. If you have doubts with your skin color, you may stand before a white background wall and look into the mirror to know better about your skin. If it is necessarily, you can cover a white towel to cover your hair to check the color. If you have fair complexion, you can feel free to choose the color as you like, warm colors might make you more easy going and energetic, like bright pink, yellow, orange or lemon; while cool colors would make one more suitable for dark complexion, you can choose the pink prom dresses, bright green, or purple dress, these cool color would contrast the complex more nature. Although black and white usually are the classic colors, but they are not in the group of candy color.


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