11 kinds of creative nail let you a cool summer!

Summer come when you least expect them to, in addition to the cool and refreshing and colorful summer, don’t forget your nails also need a make-over! Bring you 11 creative nail art, manicure new inspiration to you.

1. This nail with space gives a person a kind of fault and interesting, and very suitable for DIY at home, you can choose any color to do this model.


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2. Multilateral geometry make your nails look cool and unique individual character, shape and color can be free play.


3. Only painted in the side of the nail polish, so interesting creative will make you smile.

U3978P1503DT201505061104414. A golden thread to pure color nail points out, you can select any two kinds of color to make collocation effect you want.


5. Similar to the nail polish is visual effects wear off, as long as in the daub after the nail polish with a knife grinding tool in the nail surface wear thin layer can, as natural as possible.

U3978P1503DT201505061106096. As long as the right color, used to smear method, the most common coating can be very beautiful.

U3978P1503DT201505061106417. Coated with a layer of shallow nude on the nail, then stick on a small ornament, instantly become contracted and not simple.

U3978P1503DT201505061107198 and bite lips make-up “gradient nails” has the same effect, is also very beautiful?

U3978P1503DT201505061107519. Translucent stripe nails, the collocation of color and color gives a person interesting and cool and refreshing feeling.

U3978P1503DT2015050611090010. Only in one of the nails painted dots, little ideas have greatly different, isn’t it interesting?

U3978P1503DT2015050611094311. Good in besmear nail nails stick on diamond or pearl jewelry, expensive gas and delicate.


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Watching these creative nail, have immediately how to do a new nail summer impulse? Quick action!


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