Article 4 the expert advice! Buy luxury jewelry will look


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Everyone likes beautiful diamond necklace, expensive metal bracelet or ring of craftsmanship. The anniversary, birthday and valentine’s day, choose jewelry as a gift to lover will is a good choice. Adorn article said the choice of easy is not easy, however, is not difficult, also said that difficult because it relates to the wearer’s dress and taste.

Below is about how to choose what he or she will like the tips, would like to wear jewelry.

1, want to consider the style of the wearer, not the be fond of you.

In the process of choosing jewelry regardless of your individual be fond of this is the most difficult. You can choose a gift doesn’t much like, but to receive the gift to like it. “The most important thing is, the jewelry need to be able to reflect the wearer’s taste and personality,” Tiffany & Co., a New York company vice President Jeffrey Bennett said, “you should consider her usual dress can choose collocation jewelry again.” Here still have some questions that can help you gain clarity: she usually wear gold or silver? Does she like stones or diamonds or prefer the metal? She wear necklaces, earrings, rings, watches or bracelet?

If you’re still not sure, you can ask her friends or relatives, assemble, follow your intuition. “Intuition often bring unexpected harvest,” Zoe Tawnya Fine jewelry store owner Warren said. “Choose a can represent a certain quality of her object – that is, when you think of her which quality issued a hearty laugh, you will probably find.”

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2 do some homework

Jewelry store clerk is to be able to help you choose, but you still want to think in advance roughly some rigid requirements. “Quality and technology should also be considered,” Bennett said. “If you want to choose a set with precious stones or diamonds, then its c ‘s level 4 (cut, color, clarity, and carat), these are all need to consider in advance.”

About 411 rule is: diamond cutters, it will affect the overall aesthetic. In this case, the cut is not cut diamond in the diamond is ok, but depends on the symmetry and the proportion of the whole; Diamond reflective is the more the better the results. (the “good” is the highest level. Definition refers to the number of impurities in the diamond, the impurity is less is better. Color refers to the diamond light yellow color, the color, the better. Three levels (D, E, F is refers to the “colorless” level.) Carat is everyone’s different needs and decide. (it is certainly not the bigger the better. The four o ‘clock every point will affect the price. You need to make sure of some of the basic rigid requirements, and on the basis of the comparison of other factors.tzVA-avxeafs7544901

3, multi-function is king

If you still don’t know which model to choose, the choice of the classic style, the classic color and the shape of the classic model, round or square diamond, gold or silver material, peach heart shape, strip, chain styles – they never go out of style. Nowadays, jewelry can be mixed to the wearer is also very important, when the job so she can easily match. For example The Amulette DE Cartiersautoir series necklace and bracelet can also meet The multi-level of wear and wear two ways.

Bennett said Tiffany T series is the most practical a series, it can be worn on any occasion. “I would suggest buyers choose T primer series of 18 k gold or rose gold pendant. This pendant is suitable for women of any age,” he said. “And for men, I would suggest T series of 18 k square bracelet. Because at the time of wearing this bracelet match watch or bracelet can make men appear more delicate.”

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4, avoid trendy items

For the design of jewelry, jewelry always continuously introduce new, if the pursuit of the new tend to be behind The Times soon. “You want to avoid falling into a big trend of trap” Bennett said, buy gifts she suggested based on the following two principles. “The first is that it can reflect the wearer’s personality, the second is that it will stand the test of time.” Peach heart jewelry can let a person feel very elegant, if you want to buy a can represent love jewelry or for anniversaries and valentine’s day gift, so peach heart shape is a good choice. Bennett said peach heart is also a popular design style forever.” If she likes jewelry, birthstone is also a good choice.

For the style of jewelry, you can ask yourself: I have seen similar? If you had seen a similar style in her home jewelry, that’s right! Because Warren said, “many generations of objects is often the most precious.” “Think of her earrings, earrings, bracelets, bracelet”. If you considered these, carved characters on jewelry is optional, the special position in jewelry carved a “I love you” will make the wearer has been read your good. “


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