A wedding ring caused by love

How to “diamonds are forever, a forever” maximum effect? On the day of the wedding ring shooting task priority, however, a diamond ring and fire the color and luster of the gem was difficult to intake of lens, how to make a wedding ring for big flash at the same time, don’t stick to the following five ways to recommend it.


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Solution a: invitation CARDS or books as background
Books can bring quiet and little pure and fresh style, if you have a pattern font invitation that effect is better. Traditional three ring with invitation card contains your name will be the best photos, without bump “piece”, kill two birds with one stone.
Scheme 2: macro photography, fire color change lightning!
Not immune, nine out of ten the bride is hopes his diamond ring looks big, flash, after all, who all want to dazzle dazzle real gold and silver. Adjust your camera to the macro state, maximize the film ring close to the mirror, even the carat number less heavyweight ring can be as big as flash.
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Solution 3: take a bouquet of flowers, without affectation
Choose a bundle of not make public the bride bouquet, gently lift, this position is a good opportunity for photographers capture a wedding ring. And, of course, don’t choose a color too bright-coloured flower, otherwise will only robbed a wedding ring.
Plan 4: gently hug snap shots
When gently around the bride groom moment of warmth and love, this small gesture can lurks a careful machine! Smooth your hair casually, revealing the ring and on the table, show conjugal love is so easy, took pictures of conjugal love can also be fair in the circle of friends, eagle-eyed viewers would never miss your wedding ring.
Plan 5: using natural props
Flowers, branches, and even the lobster can become foil the props you a wedding ring. Place your wedding ring on the readily available will appear very interesting props.

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