These jewels tell you what is design

Integrity during fashion week, London jewelry designers are also not idle, 11 UK independent stylist held a jewellery in the UK, since February 2012, has held to the seventh season.


unique vintage prom dresses

Electric Night Disc ring, by Tomasz Donocik Mosaic long stepped cutting amethyst, Tanzania stone, cordierite, topaz, sapphire, and emerald, up a rose gold production.

Preview released in this year’s work, the designers work to present a distinctive personal features: Tomasz Donocik with flashing neon lights for inspiration, new Electric Night series neatly set the long stepped cutting of colored gems; Jacqueline Cullen mourning jewelry as theme, using the jet to match champagne diamond to make the necklace; Alice Cicolini will light color gems carved petals modelling, set for the crown of a wreath modelling


This is the most special of a work by Ornella Iannuzzi design Rock It! Cage eardrop, inspired by gem in the course of forming natural crystallization process. Designers will be dodecahedron as prototype, using white gold make hollow shell, and among them in white opal nib, slowly rolling with eardrop lightsome sway.


A double color Mosaic tea-coloured crystal, up made of gold lower half through rhodium plating processing.


Arrow shape made of silver pendant in black chain.
Hang a pendant made of jet British north Yorkshire town Whitby, outer champagne diamonds.
Mosaic tourmaline, sapphire, Morgan stone, chalcedony, amethyst and lemon crystal.

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