Do the maid of honor for girlfriends Choose dress five criteria

For good sisters bridesmaid this work, is not a simple matter, in addition to the maid of honor etiquette work need learning practice, the most important is choosing the bridesmaid dresses! Bridesmaid dresses as one of the highlights of the important and full of luster will be a plus for your wedding. First of all, we are going to learn how to choose suitable bridesmaid dresses, for good girlfriends bridesmaid under the five principles to share!


The first big principles: bridesmaids dress  colour cannot too loud

Bridesmaids if there is no unified bridesmaid dresses, so in choosing a dress to a unified style, such as Mosaic crystal diamond? With a design and color and pattern?

Don’t too simple, in a group of bridesmaids or too gorgeous, as far as possible consistent with the bridesmaids sisters to discuss, keep the bridesmaid dresses style harmonious and unified.


Second rule: short dress skin clever control

Bridesmaid in the wedding occasions bear the important responsibility, the dress need enough comfort and flexibility, if short dress as the bridesmaid dresses online cheap , must not choose too short style oh.

Appropriate long skirt is not respect for the characters, can also be in the activity.


The third big principles: rented dresses to bridesmaid in person, please try

Master in order to save costs, tend to choose for the maid of honor a bridesmaid dresses, then must please bridesmaids try them on personally. Because rent dresses are often the number is not complete or not standard of dress, if you have to try on inappropriate can in time to modify.


The fourth big principles: day dress can also serve as a bridesmaid dresses well

If we have only one your maid of honor, can ask her to select the most appropriate day dress for bridesmaid dresses, their own clothes always let a person most secure and comfortable. Remember, of course, not conflict with the wedding dress color!


Big principles: 5 bridesmaid dresses choice must pay attention to the atmosphere

If the wedding held in the luxury hotel, new type is more mature temperament, grande toilette had better choose long type, silk and satin are good options. If the couple is young and lively, the wedding is a romantic outdoor easily, brief paragraph gauze dress is the best choice!


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