Wedding colour collocation error count

Today, VioletDress to bring us wedding colour collocation error count, parsing wedding color matching principle. Though wedding color matching is mainly about a wedding, but the couple always have a dream wedding in my mind. The stand or fall of wedding color is the most intuitive performance wedding arrangement.


Wedding color myth: too many colors

When choosing your wedding color, concise is the key, three to four kinds of color is enough. Two-tone or with gradient color collocation, both increased administrative levels feeling of the color, also won’t appear. In order to achieve special marked effect, can choose monochrome, match again a few bold eye-catching color fastens with color. Under the condition of the keep color matching in proper order, has the largest degree of eye-catching bright eye.


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Wedding color mistake 2: choose color

Look around you, ask yourself, what color is your favourite colour? Moved what color will make you happy? Many looks very beautiful wedding color inspiration, originally is the simplest those items from the side. You can completely according to their own love the way the most memorable items to determine the wedding colors, it is more meaningful than color.


Wedding color myth 3: ignore the quality of a material
The same color of different textures can bring more visual change, to apply different texture color in your wedding, can let the auditorium to decorate a more depth and administrative levels. Deep, dense texture of the colors and the thin material, the color is bright. This contrast can spend on the table, tablecloth and bridesmaid dresses on the color selection of implementation.
Wedding color error 4: ignore the site
Choosing the wedding color, must take into account your site. Being the golden hall, the green and pink is not harmonious. The direction of the place is more like a color, need to you as far as possible when choosing color on to it. Compared with direct to choose the color of a match venues, want to don’t match the color of the ground is decorated will cost you at least twice the right time.
Wedding color error 5: unified bridesmaid dresses
We often see a few bridesmaids to wear the same color, actually give the maid of honor a space, different colors of clothes for them, as long as the coordinate properly, no messy feeling. Use bright colors to foil the unity of the wedding is tonal, the maid of honor will stands out. A wedding is a colour of the collision, is the result of a new imagination to play. Mastering the principle of good wedding color, and then in the table flower vases, flower ribbon make an issue of some accessories, such as your wedding day you make decision.

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