Beautiful personality Wedding cake modelling

Desirable wedding cake shape. Fold up layer upon layer of cake type marriage gauze, can be blocked by lower body fat, also can cultivate one’s morality, make the modelling of tall. Think about the wedding cake and wedding dress is the same style, when the beautiful bride standing on the edge of the wedding cake, mutual echo will attract the attention of all, the theme of the wedding cake can be so brilliant. Let’s to enjoy such a beautiful art of the wedding cake.
Zhang jie and uproot shayna wedding for the first time, we see the wedding cake this fresh creative wedding cake, but if you do the dress formative cake, it is best to mimic a “wear” wedding dress on hangers, and the display of the clothes tree, will always be the neck, rather than in the photos in the chest, and the chest is very lifelike, so fierce a look, really like a “headless female” or something…
A distance it will think it’s a super super fairy beauty of the bride wedding dress? But a closer look, it is always a wedding cake. Whether very surprised? Common stereo hangers, it is adopted and the cake is hidden under the skirt, this is not so easy to give a person the sense with “the bride to knife”.
This cake is not fire, really there is no justice! Because you really is too beautiful. But such a beautiful wedding cake, you where the next?
But not all the cake sculptor who would make such a ring of wedding cake, but want to COPY the elements of the beautiful wedding dress on the wedding cake, another way is to combine the elements and characteristics of cakes and wedding dress, the same can be very beautiful, oh.

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