Wedding dress and shawl how to match

In the wedding dress accessories “the shawl” is one of the important parts, when wearing a simple dress, if again on a “cape”, natural foil the bride the noble and elegant temperament. Especially is now into the autumn season, in the cool weather, let bride with shawls, stood at the door without farewell guests can both warm effect.
Different cape material, make the vision, tactility will be different, like a shawl made of spun yarn, the color variety, so tie-in sex is better than other materials cape. Sequins cloth is recently used to make the shawl is qualitative, in bright piece of printed with the pattern on cloth collocation, the colour and lustre of cape can change as the decorative pattern on the printed present many, overall quite has the texture of cloth. Tufts university card silk cloth material is qualitative soft, at the same time have the burnish like pearl, so commonly used as the material of the shawl. In addition, cotton blend material shawl, because contain cotton, so the match exceptionally soft and close-fitting, feel quite comfortable. France made of satin shawl, due to the double cloth and simple sense is good, can foil the dress very expensive gas! While dry yarn made from cape has perspective effect, therefore very have feminine taste and dress collocation.
On the design of the shawl, besides general common long design, part of the cape is also designed to curve type, make the shawl looks very moving and luxurious, good for wedding dress with a narrow body design. And cape hem additional design, let a shawl with the effect of the points. Hem match the design of the feathers, can add elegant feeling, make the shawl and fluffy cloth shawl and tassels design, let the shawl has the effect of the pulse. Uganda gauze qualitative shawl lace skirt collocation, build dream soft feeling, and the double color satin hot drilling, bud also has the effect of the finishing point, hot drilling can increase the brightness of the shawl, stiffness of the double color of satin lace, can be make the shawl again more than a change.
Shawl is the most suitable for tie-in dress styles, with the cup type and fine strapless dress is beautiful, dress and shawl is best choose homogeneous material, so the integral collocation is better! If the dress style is relatively heavy and complicated, with simple but elegant of the shawl, on the contrary, if the wedding dress design is simple and easy, shawls can build on the style more beautiful. Collocation of white gauze texture good white, cream-colored cape, can let the bride is more elegant, the shawl and dress collocation have design feeling, on the one hand, have the function of warm, at the same time could prolong the bride whole body proportion. Finally to remind the bride is: petite bride for pink and high stiffness of the shawl, body tall bride is suitable for heavy colors and gentle material shawl. prom dresses uk

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